Henry's Yo-Yo String Pack - 100 x White Strings
Total price £60.99

Product Description

Upgrade your yo-yo game with Henry's Type 8 white strings. Made from 100% cotton, these strings offer a classic look and feel that's perfect for traditional yo-yo play.

This pack includes 100 strings, giving you plenty of spares for your yo-yo collection. The white color provides a clean and timeless look that's perfect for both practice and performance.

Designed for optimal performance, Henry's Type 8 strings offer a smooth and responsive feel that's perfect for executing your favorite tricks. The cotton material ensures durability and consistency, allowing you to play with confidence and precision.

Whether you're a beginner or an experienced yo-yo player, these strings are the perfect choice for upgrading your yo-yo game. With their classic look and feel, consistent performance, and long-lasting durability, Henry's Type 8 white strings are a must-have for any serious yo-yo enthusiast.

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