HyperSpin Fixed Axle with LED 2.0 KIT - T-Series - Jumbo Diabolo


HyperSpin Fixed Axle with LED 2.0 KIT - T-Series - Jumbo Diabolo

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HyperSpin Fixed Axle with LED 2.0 KIT - T-Series - Jumbo Diabolo

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The fixed axle HyperSpin diabolo has been in its prototype stage for over two years. An exhaustive research and development process in collaboration with some of the world's top technical performers has lead to the Autumn 2018 launch of this beautiful performance prop. The Fixed Axle HyperSpin uses the same innovative material fusing process at the TC model which results in a transparent, flower-shaped inner flower and an outer, coloured tip. This material join is completely seamless and in no way interferes with its weight distribution or diabolo in play. It also dramatically helps light diffusion when used in conjunction with the HyperSpin chameleon kit. Unlike other high-end performance-orientated fixed axle diabolos, the HyperSpin diabolo uses a tall axle. This significantly improves play with multiple diabolos and is being described by players as 'buttery' smooth. This allows extended trick sequences, longer spin times and a fluidity in diabolo play which we've not seen in any other diabolo. The HyperSpin diabolo has precisely crafted cups which coupled with the axle smoothness helps with momentum and a more balanced, accurate weight distribution. Overall, a fantastic diabolo that is being demanded worldwide by top diabolo performers and artists.
LED2.0 rechargeable color change set

The original nine-stage change.

Added three modes of white, blue and white and automatic color changes.

LED 2.0 have fixed light,flashing light,automatic color changes

Fixed light:blue & white / red / blue / green / pink / yellow / cyan / RGB

Flashing light:RGB

Automatic color changes : blue & white / red / blue / green / pink / yellow / cyan

Use the Micro charging port, no need to replace the battery anymore.

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