Deluxe Indy Trainer 20 Unicycle red Deluxe Indy Trainer 20 Unicycle from side Close-up of quick release seat bolt and unicycle height adjusting with note: 'It comes with a quick-release seat bolt and non-slip stem. Ideal for quickly adjusting height for multiple riders' Close-up of unicycle tyre with note: '2 layers tyre with schrader valve (suitable for indoor and outdoor use)' Close-up of unicycle seat showing back seat guard and grab handle with note: 'Comfortable, ergonomic seat with integrated a colour matching grab handle for bunny hops' Close-up of pedal with note: 'Rounded plastic pedals provide excellent grip & are more forgiving for beginners shins' Close-up of unicycle details Close-up of Indy logo on the unicycle Close-up of Indy sticker on unicycle front 20 inch Indy unicycle dimensions All sizes Indy unicycles: 16 inches, 20 inches, 24 inches