Indy Steady Stilts with packaging Close- up of Indy Steady Stilts handle - perfect grip Close- up of Steady Stilts foot rest with note 'non slip foot rest' Close- up of Steady Stilts details where to adjust height with note: 'adjustable height both handles & foot plates' Close- up of Steady Stilts foot rest top view Close- up of Steady Stilts foot rest from side Close- up of Indy logo on Stilt 4 pictures showing girl and boy walking with stilts with note 'How to have fun' Indy Steady Stilts full length Indy Steady Stilts packaging front and back sides Two girls walking with Steady Stilts
Total price £67.95

Product Description

*Suitable for children 7 to 12 year old
*Available in super bright Red with Blue Hardware
*Fully adjustable and comes mounted with non-slip footrest and feet
*The handle can be adjusted from 124cm to 144cm in height
*The footrest can be adjusted from 17cm to 27cm in height
*Let Kids get taller than their friends and learn the fundamentals of balance
*Supplied in a smart box with multi-language product and safety information

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