Infinity Synergy Yoyo


Infinity Synergy Yoyo

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Infinity Synergy Yoyo
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The Synergy is part of the 'Pro' series by Infinity.
It has a seriously long sleeping time which comes from the concave bearing centering the string and reducing friction.
As with all the 'Pro' series models, the Synergy has a wide string gap and uses a concave bearing and silicon response system. The Synergy also comes fitted with hub stacks which allow you to hold the Yo-yo's sides whilst it's spinning. Unlike the Infinity Voodoo yo-yo these hub stacks come fitted with small precision bearings which mean spin times whilst holding the Synergy are exceptional. This opens up a whole new realm of trick possibilities.
Weight: 64g
Diameter: 53.5 mm
Width: 40mm
String gap: 3.8mm
Response: Recessed white silicon pads.
Bearing: Stainless steel concave.

N.B This yoyo is completely non-responsive and can only be returned with a binding trick.

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Awesome yo yo. Warni...

Awesome yo yo. Warning highly addictive, pros and masters only. May leave beginners out of control of the power it holds, you cant fight it you have to be one with it.

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