Infinity Synergy Yoyo
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Product Description

The Synergy is part of the 'Pro' series by Infinity.
It has a seriously long sleeping time which comes from the concave bearing centering the string and reducing friction.
As with all the 'Pro' series models, the Synergy has a wide string gap and uses a concave bearing and silicon response system. The Synergy also comes fitted with hub stacks which allow you to hold the Yo-yo's sides whilst it's spinning. Unlike the Infinity Voodoo yo-yo these hub stacks come fitted with small precision bearings which mean spin times whilst holding the Synergy are exceptional. This opens up a whole new realm of trick possibilities.
Weight: 64g
Diameter: 53.5 mm
Width: 40mm
String gap: 3.8mm
Response: Recessed white silicon pads.
Bearing: Stainless steel concave.

N.B This yoyo is completely non-responsive and can only be returned with a binding trick.

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