Inside3 Cthulu 'PHANTOM SERIES' Labyrinth Puzzle
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Product Description

The Inside3 Cthulu is an enigma wrapped in a mystery, sealed inside a puzzle shaped cube. The Cthulu is not only the hardest and most devious labyrinth puzzle developed by Inside3, they went one step further and threw away the map! As part of their infamous 'Phantom Series', the Cthulu demands that the player listen and feel intently to the movement of the ball, exploring all possible avenues within the darkness of the chamber. Is it possible? Yes...but you may be here a while. Manufactured in France to impeccably high standards. Please note that unlike the other Inside3 Puzzles, the Cthulu Can NOT be opened. Once the ball is released from the starting chamber. All of the puzzles in the PHANTOM series have an additional ball trapped inside a locked chamber - the purpose of this ball? To disorientate and distract you whilst trying to solve the labyrinth.

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