Inside3 Regular noVICE Labyrinth Puzzle
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Product Description

Welcome to the dark, dark world of Inside3 - The Mastermind company behind a series of confusing, confounding and infuriating puzzles! Inside3 Puzzles are blind labyrinths. The player must use their skill, dexterity and patience to navigate their ball through layers and layers of twists and turns, drops and jumps!

The noVICE series of puzzles is the perfect entry to the world of Inside3 - geared towards younger players and entry-level solvers, this series of 3 puzzles is presented in smart packaging, smaller than the classic ZERO Series - but significantly easier! Intricately and precisely manufactured in France.

The 'Regular' model steps up the game - expect a few more twists and more reliance on your map (printed on the outside of the cube).

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