JD Aurora Pro LED Hoop  86cm - JD Luminart Pixel Sticks LED Pattern Poi - POSTCARD - RRP-£319.97
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Product Description

This deal contains 1pc LED hoop and 1pc JD Pixel sticks (poi contains 2 poi) - RRP-£319.97.

All new for 2018 the Juggle Dream Aurora Pro has arrived and is better than ever. After listening to all the feedback from our super duper hooper friends, the gauge of the tubing has now been reduced down to 20 and the overall diameter has been reduced to 86cm (33.85 inches). We feel this makes for a quicker, more responsive hoop suited to more advanced players. We have also ditched the old 3 pin mains charging and moved to a detachable, USB rechargeable 1100 mAh Rechargeable Lithium Battery (charging cable supplied).

The new removable battery allows the hoop to be charged on the go using a power pack, or extra batteries can be bought (coming soon) so you can charge one while using the other. Moving to the detachable system does mean the hoop has a small section (about 20 cm) without LEDs, but this is not visible while the hoop is spinning and we feel it is more than worth the flexibility of having detachable batteries.

The 76 super bright RGB LED lights allow over 300 different functions including solid white, red, green, blue, yellow, cyan and magenta, plus too many changing, pulsing and strobing effects to even begin to mention (all with variable speed control:). All functions are available at the tip of your fingers, using the mini remote control and up to 10 of your favourite functions can be pre-set for instant access using the customisable favourites menu.

The Aurora Pro's mini remote is smaller than a credit card and will easily away tuck into any costume without interfering with the hooper’s movement. Alternatively, the remote is effective up to 10 m, so can easily be operated by someone offstage.


LEDs: 76

Power supply: Detachable, USB rechargeable 1100 mAh Rechargeable Lithium Battery.

Playing time: 2- 4 hours depending on charge level and functions used.

Charging time : Approximately 3 hours

Weight: 285g

Diameter: 86 cm (33.85 inches)

Tubing diameter: 20mm

Juggle Dream Luminart Pixel Sticks

Juggle Dream are very proud to present Luminart Pixel stick. With Luminart pixel stick, Juggle Dream have created a simple, beautiful, affordable pixel technology suitable for both professional performers and flow enthusiasts alike.

Luminart Pixel stick come pre-programmed with 21 patterns + a demo mode. Each pixel stick head contains 30 RGB LEDs (15 per side) generating a stunning selection of multi coloured stars, arrows, circles, sign waves and other funky abstract and geometric patterns. To cycle through the functions menu simply press the power button next to the micro USB charging ports and press and hold to switch on/off.

Luminart Pixel stick are fitted with adjustable 6mm Cole cords, No.10 Bearing swivels and single loop handles.

Item Specification:
Pixel head diameter - 29mm
Pixel head length - 204mm
Weight: 125g each
Rechargeable batteries. Twin USB charging cable supplied
Playing time 2.5- 3.5 hours depending on function
Charging time 2 hours

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