JD Jester Diabolo Fixed Axle - JD Wood Handstick - POSTCARD - RRP £15.94
Total price £147.97

Product Description

This deal contains 1pc Juggle Dream Jester Diabolo diabolo ( Yellow/Blue ) , 1 set of wooden handstick and Oddballs Postcard - RRP £15.94.

This is a medium-sized, multi-colour diabolo from Juggle Dream and a perfect choice for players just starting their diabolo adventure. The Jester is specially balanced so that most of its weight is concentrated in the rims (the edges of the cups). This allows maximum stability without making it too heavy for younger children. The Jester has several other features which make it ideal for beginners. The bright, multi coloured cups allow players to easily gauge the speed of the diabolo. This lets players see how much time they have left to perform a tick before running out of spin. The 6mm wide axle is the widest of any medium sized fixed axle diabolo on the market. This makes the Jester perfect for stick & finger grinds. Constructed from tough rubber, the Jester's solid construction and flexible, scratch resistant cups will handle drops from even the highest throws. The Jester offers unbeatable performance at this price. A great medium diabolo!

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