JD LED Big Top Bearing Diabolo - JD Superglass Coloured Handsticks - 10m STRING - BAG - DVD - POSTCARD - RRP £
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This deal contains 1pc JD LED Big Top diabolo, 1pc Superglass Handstick in White, 10m Juggle Dream Ninja String, Juggle Dream Bag, Learn how to diabolo DVD RRP £41.46.

Juggle Dream LED Big Top Bearing Diabolo

The Big Top LED is a jumbo sized,bearing axle diabolo from European juggling company Juggle Dream. This version of the Big Top comes fitted with two LED light kits. These kits focus the red, green and blue LEDs into the translucent side cups, making the entire diabolo glow, as well as creating multi coloured pin point trails of light for anyone watching from the sides. This diabolo looks seriously cool in the dark!

Just like the standard Big Top, this versioncomes fitted with a one-way bearingand will spin for considerably longer than fixed diabolos. The extra wide axle also makes tricks like finger grinds much easier and the Jumbo sized (129mm) cups make it very stable at all speeds. Constructed from tough, scratch resistant TPE, the Big Top will handle repeated drops from even the highest throws. Each LED kit use 3 x LR44 button cells.

Juggle Dream Superglass Coloured Handsticks

These fibre glass diabolo handsticks from Juggle Dream offer exceptional performance at a great price. If you're looking to upgrade from your basic set of wooden sticks this is a good place to start.

'Superglass Grind' sticks are strong, lightweight and come equipped with comfortable padded EVA handles. They are suitable for users to all abilities and ages. The Smooth, slightly flexible shaft lends itself well to grinding and throwing tricks.

10m Juggle Dream Orange Ninja String

Ninja String from Juggle Dream is the quickest, sneakiest diabolo string out there. Now available in Sunburst Orange, Ninja String is fast, versatile and long-lasting; perfect for fluid, technical diabolo play. Compatible with all diabolo hand-sticks and available on 10m and 25m Reels. Perfect for hitting every trick in your repertoire with deadly precision.

Kid Diabolo DVD

This 40 minute instructional DVD is excellent for diabolo enthusiasts of all ages. A selection of reputable pros take you through some basic first steps right up to the more tricky stuff and with their 12 year old accomplice, Elias Bechtel, prove that all of the tricks seen really are possible by children. Great buy for those wanting to further the current diabolo scene in their area. Comes in 5 different languages English, Spanish, French, Italian and German.

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