25m Juggle Dream Ninja Diabolo String - Orange Diabolo String specifications Close-up of Ninja Diabolo String Two Diabolo Strings with one on the top showing juggle dream logo on packaging cover Close-up of Diabolo axle; extra tight weave and a smooth outer surface; ideal for multiple wraps
Total price £92.99

Product Description

With unique features, the Juggle Dream Ninja string has a very tight weave and a slightly wiry feel. The extra-tight weave means the string is much less likely to snack when either a double or triple wrapping around the diabolo axle.

The double wrap is required for fast acceleration of the diabolos and also required for the elevated lift trick. Another reason for multiple diabolos axel wrapping is stick release. When the player wraps the string around the diabolo and then throws the handstick enabling the stick to unwrap whilst circling around the diabolo. And diabolo vertex where the diabolo is played parallel to the ground.

The Juggle Dream Ninja string has more rigid stiffer characteristics making it easier for whip catches.

The Juggle Dream Ninja diabolo string is high quality and long-lasting.

Made in very bright fluorescent orange for higher Diabolo tricks visibility. Available on 10m and 25m Reels.

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