Atlas Moth Giant YoYo DVD Pack
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Product Description

This yo-yo from Infinity has been designed for 2 reasons. Firstly it is an ideal, giant first yo-yo. The big flared shape makes landing tricks like trapeze much easier. The Atlas Moth really comes in to its own with 4A (or off-string) play. Used in a similar fashion to a diabolo, this over-sized yo-yo has a wide, butterfly (or 'Atlas Moth') profile which makes it easier to catch back on the string. With a transparent plastic finish and 'moth' graphics this yo-yo is great for performances. It is also a proven favorite for people who want to teach yo-yoing to others, due to its size. Colours May Vary slightly.

A very bright, fun DVD all about basic yo-yo tricks and tips. Multiple angles on every trick and it even includes demonstrations on how not to do tricks! All the tricks are performed on the amazing range of Henrys yo-yos which we are proud to stock. A great 40 minute DVD showing some great yo-yos at work. Comes in 5 different languages English, Spanish, French, Italian, German and Dutch.

This pack contains: - Atlas Moth Giant YoYo - 2 Strings (Yellow & White) - Instructional DVD

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