Juggle Dream 'Basic' Wooden Yo-Yos all colours Yellow colour yo-yo Blue colour yo-yo Red colour yo-yo White colour yo-yo
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Product Description

Basic free-spin Yo-Yo available in various bright colours - made from a lacquered maple wood with smoothly rounded edges. This yo-yo is very simple but seriously fun - made of one piece of solid wood by a manufacturer who specialises with very traditional machinery. These items are unique, traditional wooden toys which pay homage to yo-yos of yesteryear. The Juggle Dream Basic Yo-Yo is great to learn the basics of Trick Yo-Yo play and preparation to all further techniques applied on Yo-Yos (sliders, auto-return, ball-bearings etc). Available in 5 colours red, blue, yellow and white as well as Natural wood. These work best with Type 8 cotton string, which runs smoothly around the centre, fixed axle.

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