Cyclone Quartz Diabolo Set with Handsticks and Learning Video on Tablet All colours Cyclone Quartz Diabolos stand behind each other Cyclone Quartz Diabolo specifications Diabolo Aluminium Handsticks with specifications Close-up of diabolo axle with text: "One-Way Bearing for added speed and easier using." Diabolo holding on handstick with text: "Specially designed rim for cup grinds." Three different episodes of tricks with diabolo and handstick Red Diabolo from the front Red Diabolo in lying position Red Diabolo cup Blue Diabolo from the front Blue Diabolo in lying position Blue Diabolo cup Blue Diabolo in lying position with handsticks Orange Diabolo from the front Orange Diabolo in lying position Orange Diabolo cup Pink Diabolo from the front Pink Diabolo in lying position Pink Diabolo cup Green Diabolo from the front Green Diabolo in lying position Green Diabolo cup Purple Diabolo from the front Purple Diabolo in lying position Purple Diabolo cup

Juggle Dream

Juggle Dream Cyclone Quartz Diabolo Set - Bearing Axle Professional Diabolo with Aluminium Handsticks and Online Learning Video

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Cyclone Quartz Diabolo Set with Handsticks and Learning Video on Tablet

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The Quartz is one of the world’s most popular bearing diabolo. Made with super nylon transparent virtually unbreakable cups. The set includes metal handsticks.

The Quartz diabolo made by European company Juggle Dream with a very fast one-way bearing axle. The Extra wide axle is perfect for stick grinds, wraps and string release tricks. Made from transparent virtually unbreakable nylon cups. Giving this diabolo a beautiful glass-like look. Ideal for the Juggle Dream led light kit sold separately. The set includes “Ali dream” aluminium handsticks. That are just the right weight for string release.

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