Juggle Dream LED Poly Poi Set LED Poly Poi Set in full length LED Poly Poi Set - blue colour LED Poly Poi Set is glowing in purple colour LED Poly Poi glow in blue light LED Poly Poi glow in red light LED Poly Poi glow in green light Two close-up of LED Poly Pois glow in red and green Close-up LED Poly Poi in hand Back side of Poly Pois Front side of Poly Pois

Juggle Dream

Juggle Dream LED Poly Poi Set

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Juggle Dream LED Poly Poi Set

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The Juggle Dream LED Poly Poi Set follows a simple formula - finger loops, string, and two LED balls - but they look fantastic at night. Users can switch between a colour fade option or solid single colours by pressing a small red button on a flat surface of each poi. The LED options are simple and easy to use and the ball is slightly larger and softer than the rest of our LED poi range.

Included in this set are 3 x LR44 cell batteries. Two batteries are required for each Poly Poi ball. This will allow the ball to glow for up to 6 hours.

Sold as a set of two LED Poly Poi.

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I got these for my b...

I got these for my birthday and I am really happy with them. I love the fact that you can set the colours to the mood you're in. As I'm still a beginner I tend to hit myself and surroundings a lot but the poi are still perfectly fine. I'm glad they can handle my clumsyness. I recommand these to everybody that want's to turn heads at a party!

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