Juggle Dream Solo Juggling Club - Set of 3 Juggle Dream Solo Juggling Club - blue colour Juggle Dream Solo Juggling Club - red colour Juggle Dream Solo Juggling Club - silver colour Juggle Dream 3 Solo Juggling Clubs standing
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Product Description

The Juggle Dream Solo decorated one piece club is a great budget option for anyone looking to start club juggling. Constructed from a single piece of injection moulded high impact plastic and decorated with metallic Euro style decorations these clubs are great value, really look the part and juggle well for a one piece club. Their round handle knobs also makes them suitable for club swinging.

Sold as a set of three.

Length - 49.5cm
Weight - 202g
Colour - 1 Blue, 1 red and 1 silver.

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Purchased for the children

We bought these clubs a little over 6 months ago for our children aged 10, 10 & 8 to play around with they are ball jugglers. So we decided to get these as a beginners set to let them explore how it felt to juggle with Clubs.

They are sturdy and hard wearing they have been used to explore high tosses and passes by the kids and inevitably bounced hundreds of times and more.

They literally bounced back up they have survived well and are still in daily use indoors and outdoors they still look good they do have plenty of wear and tear around the base of the club but the Gold decoration is still 100% no damage showing there.

They are a good starter club the handle is a good size to get a decent spin on them and if your buying a beginners club on a budget I would advise you try these out.