Juggle Dream Typhoon Diabolo - Orange - Bargain basement - RRP £18.99
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Product Description

Bargain Basement Items are Practically perfect with cosmetic imperfections. Odd colours, Marks/scratches, scuffs and discontinued stock all sold at a discounted price.

Diabolo players around the world, behold the Juggle Dream Fixed Axle Typhoon Diabolo. The Typhoon diabolo is the final result of two years of design, research and prototyping - and it does not disappoint. The Typhoon diabolo uses Juggle Dream's signature scratch-resistant transparent plastic, unique in its weight distribution and exceptional in clarity. Combining stunning looks with outstanding performance, this is a versatile Jumbo sized diabolo from British circus company, Juggle Dream. Whilst brilliant as a single diabolo - in terms of stability, versatility and momentum - the Juggle Dream Typhoon has several features which also allow it to excel at multiple diabolo play. • The cups are designed to keep as much weight in the rims as possible, without compromising on the build integrity of the diabolo. Shifting weight away from the axle and towards the rims increases stability at all speeds. • At a consistent 240g from diabolo to diabolo, the Typhoon is heavy enough to be stable and keep momentum, but not too tiring for running 2, 3 or more diabolos. • The glossy, semi rigid translucent cups do not 'grab' each other during collisions like other rubber models on the market. • Custom shaped concave hubs make for easier corrections, but also allow easy access to grinding tricks. The Hubs also considerably reduce the weight of the diabolo when compared to aluminium hub models and extend the life of your string. Juggle Dream Typhoon Diabolo Specification: Diabolo Size: Jumbo Diameter: 128mm Width: 143mm Weight: 240g

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