Juggle-Light LED Fibre Optic S Staff - 'Multi-Light' - set of 2
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Product Description

This is the Juggle-Light up S-Staff / Buugeng. It measures 32" tip to tip. Made from a glossy yet grippy poly-carbonate. Each S Staff is made from a 1" tube with an LED kit fitted each end (please select your colour below). Each staff divides in to 2 sections for easy travel. The S-staff uses 2 x 'Multi-Light' units - one on each end. Each Light Unit carries 3 banks of lights/patterns (known as A, B & C). Please note that each set comes with instructions and becomes intuitive after a little getting use to.

This is an entry level prop and a great introductory product into the world of LED. Best used in total darkness with no other light sources.

Bank A - 7 solid colours - Press the Unit Button once to change Colour.

Bank B - ...whilst on RED in Bank A - double tap the Unit Button. Bank B offers various patterns changing colours and accelerating in speed. Tap once to freeze the speed and once again to continue. Double Press the Unit Button to get to the next Pattern.

Bank C ...whilst on ORANGE in Bank A, double tap the Unit Button. Here you'll find 4 patterns with 2 colours exchanging tracer lengths. Press once to freeze, once again to resume. Double Tap to get to the next pattern. You'll then find 3 further 2 colour patterns, a Fade Function and some pretty wild alternating colours which you can freeze on by pressing the Unit Button once. Have a look at the image below to get a good idea of these functions.

Each LED unit is powered by 3 x LR43 cell batteries. These batteries are available on Oddballs Website Alternatively you can purchase cell batteries as an add-on below.

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