Juggle-light LED Fibre Optic Skipping Jump Rope - All Light
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Product Description

The Juggle-Light Fiber Optic Jump Rope is a unique and exciting addition to your collection of jump ropes. It is 8ft long . The 1/4" thick fibre optic rope is embedded with lights in each handle, allowing for a cool and colourful display during use. You can choose the same colour on each end or alternate colours for an interesting colour mix towards the middle. It is removable and interchangeable with all the other Juggle-Light products the same way as standard light colours. The jump rope comes with AG 6 batteries installed. You can check the colour chart for a quick overview of the different patterns and colour tracers that are available, this will give you an idea of how the light will look when it's moving in a circular motion. Overall, it's a unique and fun way to jump rope and enhance your jumping experience.

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