Record + Aloha MC
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The demands on modern kendamas have increased enormously - the Record Plus design exceeds all expectations:

The European Kendama pioneers have perfected the volume and weight distribution and thus ensure a balanced Ken Balance.

At first glance, the wide outline and the voluminous Sarado catch the eye with very large baskets, which provide a lot of control when catching as well as central stability and ease of turning when doing flip tricks.

The small plate has a wider rim than the large one - a big plus in terms of balance. This keeps the ken balanced in all situations and guarantees very good bird and stall control.

The coherent overall concept including the new Base Cup bore makes the Record Plus a high-performance kendama. Cup and stall tricks are just as easy to do as liquid string combos and complex juggles.

Due to the incredibly good overall balance, smooth slingers can still be played despite the outstanding lunar balance.

The cord is long enough for juggling right out of the box and a high-speed ball bearing allows for endless flow combos.


Kendama Europe has once again used its many years of experience as a Kendama pioneer and shaper with the innovative Record Plus Shape and sets new standards in the balance game.



The Plus Shape is slightly larger than conventional Kendamas and thus provides even more control in the hand.


The shapers have outdone themselves with the Saradoform. The center volume combines unbelievable maneuverability with maximum flight stability and sets new standards in the Kendama world.


The cup size surpasses anything seen before and simplifies all types of catches - regardless of whether it's a cup game, lunars or stalls. Once you've tried it, you'll never want to do without the big plates again.

Base cup hole:

The recess ensures a lighter base cup and shifts the overall weight even more into the center. This leads to a perfect lunar balance.

Overall shape:

The ideal kendama for advanced and pro players with high-performance ambitions. It meets all the requirements of the Kendama game at the highest skill level.


The ball is a tick larger than traditional kendamas, as is the hole size and entry angle. Spiking has never been so easy!


Available in three variants depending on your playing style: Natural, Grip Varnish (very good for balance tricks) and Match Clear (the newest sticky varnish that really does everything). All paint variants have a very high durability and longevity - as you are used to from Kendama Europe.

String Length:

Extra long line that allows all kinds of juggles, string and flow tricks.


High Speed ??Micro Bearing prevents the line from snagging and allows you to have endless flow trick combos.

Each Kendama comes with the following extras:

An illustrated user guide and trick guide

Extra long spare cord, bead & threading tool

Lots of casual stickers

colour: design, orange

Manufacturer: Kendama Europe

Age reccomendation: Suitable for children over 7 years old.

Size: Plus

Model: Record Plus

wood type Ken : beech wood

Type of wood ball: beech wood

finishing properties: Sticky Match Clear

String length: eight fingers

special Ken features : base cup hole

Peculiarities of the ball: Eye-Tracking-Design, large bevel

Weight of packaging: 250 g

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