3 x Kosmos Nebula 2.0 LED Juggling Club - Special Deal


Kosmos 3 x Nebula 2.0 LED Juggling Club - Special Deal

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3 x Kosmos Nebula 2.0 LED Juggling Club - Special Deal

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This special deal contains


3 Nebulas LED Clubs


1 USB Charger X3 outs


1 Backpack


1 Magnet


Nebula 2.0 has the best price/quality/features in ratio the market. The external plastic is HDPE for the body and core and a special low-density PP makes the twisted handle very comfortable.


The core manages 2 last generation LEDs, ultra-brightness LEDs (+9000 mcd) that are strategically located to provide perfect light distribution. At Kosmos we believe in protecting the planet and the conscious use of resources, that's why we choose rechargeable batteries. For this, we selected a rechargeable NiMH battery. It is the most suitable for products that receive constant stress and allows to be used for many more hours than other kinds of batteries.


* Rechargeable


* 4 - 8 Hours Running


* Magnetic Programming


* Program Memory (2)


* 42 Colours


* Fixed Colours


* Stob Colous


* Customizable Mixed Colours


* Fixed Flashing Programs


* Demo Mode


* 210 gr


* 52 cm


Click here for the Kosmos Nebula 2.0 User Manual

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