Fire Hoop - 5 spoke
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Product Description

The hula hoop with wicks is a professional-grade product that is designed for experienced users. It is made with a cross-linked plastic that supports the weight of the wicks and makes it stable in use, as well as allows it to be easily folded for transport. The wicks are made of 100% pure kevlar and are 50mm in diameter and 40cm long. The connection to the hula is secured with a thread and a washer with EPDM, which helps to prevent unscrewing during use. The hula has a diameter of 80cm and a 20mm spout, and comes with 5 wicks. It is important to note that the flames of the wicks should not be pointed towards the plastic of the hula, and the hula should be checked before use. This hula hoop is a great choice for those who want to take their performances to the next level. It is also noteworthy that this hula hoop is foldable and that the wicks can be uncoupled.

Please read the Oddballs Fire Safety Information prior to making your purchase.

It is important to us that customers understand how to use their prop safely and properly manage the risks involved in fire performance.

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