Flower Poi 2.1 LED Juggling Poi + Including USB Charger
Total price £137.99

Product Description

* Rechargeable

* 3 – 6 Hours Running

* Magnetic Programming

* Program Memory

* 42 Colours

* Fixed Colours

* Strobe Colours

* Customizable Mixed Colours

* Demo Mode

* Silicone Rubber

* Paracord© 6mm x 50cm

* Silicone Knob (Play Juggling©)

* Swivel

Beautiful Flower Poi by Kosmos Juggling, made in rubber and silicone. The cord is Paracord© 6mm, which provides a really nice touch. Knobs made by Play Juggling© are very nice and provide the perfect weight to manipulate the poi. Colour White was added in this version. The core manages 2 last generation LEDs, ultra-brightness (+9000 mcd) that provides perfect light distribution. At Kosmos we believe in protecting the planet and the conscious use of resources, that ́s why we choose rechargeable batteries. For this we selected rechargeable NiMH battery. It is the most suitable for products that receive constant stress and allows to be used for many more hours than other kind of batteries.

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