Kryptonics Roller Quad Skates - Blitz - White / Blue


Kryptonics Roller Quad Skates - Blitz - White / Blue

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Kryptonics Roller Quad Skates - Blitz - White / Blue

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Kryptonics has been a revolutionary brand since 1965 when they first started developing urethane wheels, changing in a drastic way the performance of skateboards, scooters and roller skates in the world of extreme sports. Now the name Kryptonics is synonymous with quality across the planet; from Roller Derby, through street Skateboarding, Longboarding and much more.

over five decades later, Kryptonics still act as a pioneer in term of technological development - but never forgetting their glory-day roots they continue to add an unmistakable ‘Old-School’ taste, which we can find on these Roller Quad Skates! Kryptonics worked hard to refine their vision of a retro-styled high-top Roller Skate Boot which mixed up modern street-wear styles.

Kryptonics Blitz boots are made from rugged synthetic (vegetarian) leather and suede materials to keep the boot looking fresh for longer. Also featured is a Velcro power strap for a more comfortable, 'locked-in' skating experience.

The under-chassis features high calibre components: 62mm high-quality urethane wheels matched with quality bearings, aluminium trucks and urethane stoppers. This gives you an engaging dynamic ride, no matter what surface you choose to use them on.

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