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Great Looking Juggling Balls with Loose Filling:

Appearance: They look like stage balls.
Behavior: They behave like beanbags (don't roll and are stable in the wind).
Suitability: Suitable for both beginners and advanced jugglers.
Russian Style Juggling Balls (Rusalki) PRO:

Finish Quality: High standard of quality in terms of ball's finish and component selection.
Durability: High resistance; pressure-filled balls maintain their shape over time.
Robustness: Can withstand multiple falls from great heights on hard surfaces and accidental trampling.
Surface Texture: Slightly matte surface for better feel while catching and tossing.
Weather Resistance: Can handle various climates, humidity, rain, and puddles.
Cleaning: Can be easily cleaned with water and soap if they get dirty.
Wind Resistance: Resistant to wind; suitable for juggling indoors and outdoors.
Surface Compatibility: Suitable for hard ground, soft ground, and various surfaces.
Stopping Behavior: Balls stay in place after falling; if rolled, they eventually stop.
Catching: Can be caught with an open hand, providing versatility in catching techniques.
Size: 70 mm
Weight: 90 g
The provided information gives a comprehensive overview of the features, benefits, and qualities of these juggling balls. If you're looking to buy these balls, you might consider the size, weight, and other features to determine which type would best suit your juggling preferences and needs. It's also great to have options that cater to both beginners and more experienced jugglers.

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