Sparkle baskets - rain of sparks
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Baskets for making big effect of sparkles in fireshow.

Sparkle Baskets – Rain of Sparks

Solid construction of simple handling sparkle baskets. Both baskets have been stiffened with a welded rack made of steel rods. There are casings on the frames, that keep burning material inside and let sparkles out at the same time.

Baskets are constructed in a special way to protect hands from cuts. In spite of that, we recommend using gloves, that will keep you safe from dirt and stabs. The used chain is very strong, durable and light at once. Comfortable grip is assured by our loop handles.

Sparkle baskets are a prop, that is useful for every fire group, that appreciates safety and sparkle effect in their shows.

The Sparkle baskets should be used with special wire wool, please see the add -


-welded rack made of steel rods

-protective net, that is not harming

-protection from accidental opening

-fast and durable hitch for chain

-full length:78 cm

-chain length: 35 cm

-square in the bottom with 10 cm side

-height of basket: 21 cm

-weight of set: 600 g

Price per pair.


Baskets have big eyelets and they are meant for use with steel cotton. This product is dangerous! There is the possibility of getting burns, that's why it should be used by people with experience in poi techniques! Neither shop nor producer takes responsibility for damages caused by the wrong use of this equipment!

Please read the Oddballs Fire Safety Information prior to making your purchase.

It is important to us that customers understand how to use their prop safely and properly manage the risks involved in fire performance.

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