Maxxis Creepy-Crawler 20" Tyre
Total price £138.98

Product Description

Lightweight trials tyre made from a soft rubber compound for extra grip designed by record breaking (bike) trials rider Dani Comas.

20x2.5" tyre to fit trials rims, will not fit standard 20" rim.
Large volume tyre for extra bounce and shock absorption.

Size: 20x2.5" (67-387)
Rim Size: Trials 20" (19") (actually 396mm)
Colour: Black
Type: Trials, Bouncing
Pressure: 35-50 PSI
Weight: 1020g

It can only be fitted on an trials rim (19") because the outside dimension is only slightly larger than a standard 20" tyre - so has a smaller rim, i.e. will not fit on a standard 20" rim.

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