MondoWhips Snake Eater Stockwhip


MondoWhips Snake Eater Stockwhip

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MondoWhips Snake Eater Stockwhip

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This Stock whip is a design based on some of the first ever cattle herding whips, inspired from a Ron Edwards design dating back to early 19th century in Australia for herding cattle. Now it is recreated with much stronger modern nylon materials.


Attributes - 12 plait. 2 layers of weaving, commercial grade 550 parachute cord, shock absorbing, non-toxic fibreglass handle and hot waxed to ensure the whip is durable, waterproof, strong, loud and powerful. A seamless taper throughout the weave, without a 'fall hitch'. A full grain leather core. The whip gets its name from the overlaying interweave that looks like a snake eating the first weave. Inspired from Blake Gorey - Smokey Mountain Whips. By far these are the best whips Oddballs has ever sold! 


The moving part of the whip contains only parachute cord, artificial sinew and wax.


This whip is best used for technical work and accuracy, rated at 130 dB. Measured from the bottom of the handle to the end of the braided section of the whip.


Materials - non-toxic fibreglass, 550 nylon Paracord, artificial sinew, steel concho, full grain leather.


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