Mr Babache Evolution 2 - Bearing Axle

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The wait is finally over! The Babache Evolution 2 Bearing Axle Kit is here! After years of research and development Mr B has finally perfected this clutch axle.

It's almost totally silent, even after we tested this axle for several hours there was no change in noise levels.

The shape of this axle is a tight V-shape, similar to the Henry's Free Hub. Like the Sundia bearings, the Evolution 2 meets the hubs at an angle to reduce friction and ensure the longest spin time.

This bearing axle is extremely stable and provides you with much higher rpm than a fixed axle.

The Evolution 2 bearing axle kit will increase the width between the diabolo hubs to 22mm, exactly the same as the Evo 1 Finger Axle. This makes finger and stick grinds a lot easier and helps to open up new tricks not possible before. It also increases the weight of a Finesse diabolo by 19g.

This item is for the axle only - a diabolo is not included. Comes supplied with two Allen keys for fitting the axle.

PLEASE NOTE: This kit is compatible with the Mr Babache Finesse (G1, G2, G3 and G4) and Tornado diabolos only.

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