Mr Babache Mario Berousek Flash Juggling Clubs
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Product Description

Mario Berousek Flash Juggling Clubs from Mr Babache are unique clubs designed for speed juggling. They are ideal for throwing double, triple or even more spins at a low height. The Flash juggling clubs are also great for numbers juggling.

(Price listed is for a single club.)

The Flash clubs were designed with the help of world record holder, Mario Berousek. His four world records included 240 catches of five clubs at a height of 50cm and achieving 735 rotations in one minute while juggling five clubs.

At a 65mm diameter, the narrow body on these clubs produces very little air resistance, helping these clubs to spin very quickly. Combined with the grooves on the body, the thin width also means that when you catch the club by the body it is easy to throw again and correct the spin.

The silver decoration on these clubs creates a stunning effect, especially under stage lights, and is one reason why "Flash" is an appropriate name for these juggling clubs.

The Flash clubs do feel very different from standard juggling clubs but once you get used to them no other club compares for fast, intense juggling.

Watch this video to see what these clubs can do:

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