Mr Babache Tornado Crystal Diabolo Evolution 2 Bearing Kit
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Product Description

The Mr Babache Tornado Crystal Diabolo is the smaller (medium sized) and lighter little sister of the Mr B. Finesse diabolo. This model of the Tornado is fitted with the highly anticipated Evolution 2 bearing axle kit turning it into one of the best children's clutch diabolos. (Already got a Tornado or Finesse? Then you can buy the Evo 2 axle separately here). The Tornado Crystal's cups are made from a more rigid, translucent material than the normal Tornado. But just like the standard Tornado the weight of the diabolo is focused around the rims of the cups. This ensures the Tornado has great momentum and stability at both high and low speeds. This diabolo's spin is almost totally silent - even after hours of testing the axle there was no change in noise levels. Babache Evo 2 Axle - V-Shaped axleThe shape of this axle is a tight V-shape, similar to the Henry's Free Hub. Like the Sundia bearings, the Evolution 2 meets the hubs at an angle to reduce friction and ensure the longest spin time.This bearing axle is extremely stable and provides you with much higher rpm than a fixed axle. There are, however, a few downsides. 1. Unlike conventional fixed axle diabolos the axle will need replacing once the bearings wear out. 2. Elevator tricks (magic string climb) are impossible. The Evolution 2 bearing axle is also nice and wide (the width hub to hub is 22mm with this axle - the same as the Evo 1 finger axle) which helps you to do stick and finger grinds and opens up many other tricks that aren't possible with a narrow axle. Even with the Evo 2 fitted this diabolo is still compatible with the other Babache Evolution kits, though obviously you'd have to remove the Evo 2 to install an Evo 1 wide axle kit. These diabolos may arrive with black plastic circles inside the cups. These circles stop the diabolo being squashed in transport. Please remove them before you start playing with the diabolo.

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