3 Oddballs Single colour LED juggling ball - DVD - Bag - Postcard - RRP - £50.49
Total price £165.97

Product Description

This deal contains 3pc Single colour LED juggling ball, Oddballs DVD, JD Bag and Oddballs Postcard. RRP -£50.49

These are professionally weighted LED juggling balls. We reckon they perform and juggle as good as balls twice their price. Oddballs LED juggling balls are tough enough to survive lots of drops on tough surfaces - each ball is powered by 3 x LR44 cell batteries and will last for around 5-6 hours constant use. These batteries are available in most hardware shops or you can buy them from the Oddballs Website. The battery chamber is sunk inside the ball - you turn the balls on by turning the covering screw cap which sits below the surface of the ball. At 155g these balls are a great juggle and the weight feels well distributed around the ball to give it a neutral flight. The light dispersal is also great as each ball has been filled with translucent plastic pellets to provide better light transparency - use these balls at night for best effect. Each ball comes with batteries.

Each ball are filled with translucent plastic pellets

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