Oddballs 95mm LED Contact Poi USB  - JD Luminart Pixel Sticks LED Pattern Poi - POSTCARD - RRP £280.97
Total price £135.98

Product Description

The deal contains 1 pair 95mm LED contact poi and 1 pair JD pixel sticks - RRP £280.97.

Oddballs 95mm LED Contact Poi - USB Rechargeable

Oddballs 95mm Contact Poi are suitable for spinners of all levels, but were designed to work particularly well for contact moves and orbitals.

The super-soft 95mm heads weigh in at 180g each. This size and weight ratio make this poi set perfect for throws and contact moves but insures spinners won't get hurt during accidental contact. Oddballs Contact LED Poi also come fitted with soft, 'Flow Leash' handles make them extremely comfortable and smooth. They are also fitted with No.9 swivels and adjustable 7mm 'Flow Cords' making tangle moves like Hyper-loops much easier to perform.

The internal super bright, multi-function LEDs come with 11 functions and are powered by USB rechargeable batteries making them part of Oddballs' latest environmentally friendly generation of LED glow props. You can now charge your poi almost anywhere using a standard Android micro USB charger cable and a laptop or power pack. The countersunk LED units protect the switch and charging point and give excellent light diffusion, making these our brightest poi yet.

Specifications: Ball Diameter: 95mm Weight: 180 grams each single poi Cord:7mm Black flow cord Swivel:No.9 Ball Bearing Swivels Handles: Pair of flow leash handles Maximum extendable length (head to handle): 76cm Charging time: 30-40 minutes. Playing time: 30-40 minutes, depending on function.

Juggle Dream Luminart Pixel Sticks - LED Pattern Poi

Juggle Dream are very proud to present Luminart Pixel stick. With Luminart pixel stick, Juggle Dream have created a simple, beautiful, affordable pixel technology suitable for both professional performers and flow enthusiasts alike.

Luminart Pixel stick come pre-programmed with 21 patterns + a demo mode. Each pixel stick head contains 30 RGB LEDs (15 per side) generating a stunning selection of multi coloured stars, arrows, circles, sign waves and other funky abstract and geometric patterns. To cycle through the functions menu simply press the power button next to the micro USB charging ports and press and hold to switch on/off.

Luminart Pixel stick are fitted with adjustable 6mm Cole cords, No.10 Bearing swivels and single loop handles.

Item Specification: Pixel head diameter - 29mm Pixel head length - 204mm Weight: 125g each Rechargeable batteries. Twin USB charging cable supplied Playing time 2.5- 3.5 hours depending on function Charging time 2 hours

Oddballs Postcard

What a way to send the juggle love! With this nostalgic circus origin snapshot postcard, you can connect with those you love the most and share a bit of history from the UK's oldest circus company.

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