Oddballs LED Glow Ball;  ball changing colour in move 4 LED Balls glow in strobe mode different colours 5 LED Balls glow in different colours Oddballs LED Glow Ball; ball in hand Glow in blue Oddballs LED Ball

Product Description

Price is for one ball.
Professionally weighted LED juggling balls made by us! As good as many balls that cost twice the price. This LED ball is tough enough to survive repeated drops on hard surfaces and comes complete with 3 x LR44 batteries which should provide 5-6 hours of constant use. These cell batteries are also available from the Oddballs Website or you should be able to source them in most hardware stores.

The strobing variation of this ball flickers brightly a few times a second. When in motion (or being juggled) the colours seem to separate through the flight of the ball producing lovely effects, making even simple tricks look fantastic. Each ball has been filled with translucent plastic pellets to provide better light transparency.

Please note you have to remove the protection between batteries before the first usage.

Weight: 155 gr
Diameter: 68mm

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Customer Reviews

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My gf bought a set o...

My gf bought a set of these a couple of years ago, they're good LED balls for the money (especially if you go for the 5 pack). They're very solid as you'd expect for LED balls, however the smooth surface means they're easy to wipe clean if they get dirty from using them outside.

Great effect these b...

Great effect these balls offer. Able to hypnotize even with simple techniques.

An excellent choice ...

An excellent choice of ball and a good crowd pleaser too! Oh and did i mention they are near indestructable? My 4 year old is still trying.
Cant fault this ball, good weight and flight, hell i can even contact with them to a degree. Cant go wrong for a well priced strobing/LED ball.

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