Otto the Octopus Kite - 2.5m Lengh - 50cm Wingspan
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Product Description

This large single-line kite is called "Otto the Octopus" and belongs to the red octopuses within the group of octopuses. With its eight arms and a total length of 2.5 m and a wingspan of 50 cm, the funny sea animal causes a stir in the sky. In addition, the octopus is equipped with a 90 cm long tow bag in the shape of a piranha fish. This serves to ensure that the octopus flies stably in the air even when there is more wind. The kite is made of stable spinnaker polyester and is particularly robust. Another special feature of this 3D kite is that it does not require any rods and can be flown on a leash with ease. We recommend the kite to children aged 6 and over. The handling of the children's kite is self-explanatory, Pull your kite out of the practical drawstring bag, attach your flying line to the bridle collection line and gradually unwind the supplied 40 kp, 100 m long polyester line on the spool in the wind. If necessary, you can secure your Otto the Octopus to the ground with an additional ground plug or ground stick, which you can order as an accessory in our kite online shop, so that your single-line kite continues to fly alone in the sky. The octopus comes ready to fly and is conveniently packed for your vacation in a small bag at home. It flies in a wind range of 2-5 Bft. and is not only to be used as a kite on a line. You can also convert it as a linen ornament for powerful parasled kites, by removing the flying line from the kite and hanging it in your towing kite line using an aluminum swivel.

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