Play 67mm SR-X Sand Filled Russian Juggling Ball


Play 67mm SR-X Sand Filled Russian Juggling Ball

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Play 67mm SR-X Sand Filled Russian Juggling Ball

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These SR-X Juggling Balls are made by Play, Italy and will add a new dimension to your ball juggling. Each SRX ball is around 30% filled with a very fine quartz sand. This makes them stall like an absolute dream and ideal for neck, head and foot catches. At 100g they're light, but ideal for juggling 4 + balls. The rotary molded shell feels lovely and soft in your hand. Russian balls are great for improving your toss juggling technique - any curve or spin in your throws will be shown in the wobble of these balls in the air. SRX balls feature a tiny colour coordinated plug - be sure not to push it inside the ball! SRX Russian balls are quite soft so try not to keep these balls in the bottom of your kit bag as they can sometimes develop small flat spots.If it does happen, this can normally be fixed by carefully removing the plug and letting the pressure back in to the ball. Please note that these balls should be stored with different colours in different bags.

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