Play Contact Poi Giga - 100mm


Play Contact Poi Giga - 100mm

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Play Contact Poi Giga - 100mm

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The Giga version of Play Contact Poi is an oversized version of the popular contact poi. This version features a large 100mm stage ball (200g) as the poi head, which makes for a highly visible and impressive performance. The larger head also makes it easier to perform body rolling tricks and isolations, as the increased size makes the poi more forgiving and easier to control. The Giga contact poi is perfect for experienced poi spinners looking to take their performance to the next level and make an impact on stage. The material is also durable, making it suitable for long hours of practice or performance.
Having the larger head not only makes for a more visual performance, it also helps when performing body rolling tricks and isolations.

This latest version also include colour co-ordinated string and silicone swinging knobs.

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