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After 10 years of production, Play recently discontinued the famous DEOS carbon control sticks to replace them with this updated version featuring the very same weight and dimensions, always appreciated by the best Diabolo players all around the world, yet bringing some major design improvements. Thanks to the 7075 tubing, which is as rigid and light as the carbon fibre, yet impossible to split and crack, Play managed to apply the very same technique used in the archery industry designing the tips as if they were arrow point inserts. The tips are made with the same type of aluminium and have the same round profile as their predecessors, but they have grooves that allow to glue them on the inside of the 7075 tubing using common hot melt glue rather than epoxy. This apparently small detail enables to assemble and replace the tips in a matter of seconds in case of damage after intensive use, which means you can extend the life of your sticks with a minimal expense. Moreover the back tip, mounted on the side of the handle, is designed with an inner conic shape that guides the string through the hole allowing fast string replacements and assuring a solid feel being firmly glued to the stick.  The classic 150 mm long white silicone handle guarantees the best possible grip and it's pretty much identical to the previous version. In order to get over some sliding issues that sometimes occurred in the past, Play have extruded it in a slightly small inner diameter so that once it is assembled onto the sticks it does not move at all.

Last but not least the 7075 Aluminium is anodized in 5 beautiful colours providing an extremely resistant and high tech looking finish.

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