Play Perfect Hoop Light 19mm - 78cm (30.70 inches)

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Product Description

The PERFECT HOOP LIGHT tubing has the same dimensional features as the common Polypro Hula Hoops, is equally light and has a very similar elasticity but can easily be folded up like the legendary PERFECT HOOPS without any risk of breaking.

Dedicated to expert hoopers, the PERFECT HOOPS LIGHT are available in diameter of 78 cm The exclusive and brand new type of HDPE used to create hoops that proves to have ideal characteristics for performing dynamic tricks that require immediate response such as wedgies, breaks and folds.

Also excellent for manipulation and juggling PERFECT HOOPS LIGHT are the ideal choice for all the hoopers looking for perfectly round, light, transportable and above all, like all PLAY products, indestructible hula hoops!

Material HDPE Light

Outside Diameter of the tubing 19 mm - 3/4 Inch

Maximum diameter of the hoop 85 cm

The stainless steel button spring is specifically designed so that it doesn’t stick out of the tubing profile. The "mustache" shape of the spring button allows for an easy opening.

The aluminum curved joint is light and strong and ensure an always perfect hoop roundness.

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