Play Perfect Isolation Hoop - 55cm

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Product Description

The Play Isolation Hoop is a simple yet effective hoop option for hoopers. It's made using high-quality plastic materials which provide the hoop with a beautiful look. The hoop is designed with a curved aluminium joint that ensures its roundness and stability. It's made with 16mm HDPE plastic and comes in a variety of colours including some in super-bright UV colours, allowing customers to choose the colour that best suits their preferences and style. This hoop is great for those who are looking for a simple, yet durable and visually pleasing option for their hooping.

A simple, plastic isolation hoop from Play made using their beautiful plastic. This hoop uses a curved aluminium joint to ensure perfect roundness. Made using 16mm HDPE plastics - some in super-bright UV colours. Please make your colour slection below.

Item Specs:
Tube Diameter - 16 mm
Hoop Width - 55 cm
Weight - 143 g

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