Play Perfect Travel Hoop Naked - 16mm - 70cm (27.55")

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The PERFECT HOOPS. Developed by PLAY in collaboration with some of the best hoopers in the world. HDPE tubing in two different diameters, easily collapsible and absolutely reliable thanks to an aluminium curved joint that grants perfect roundness to your hoops and a specifically designed stainless steel spring button that clicks easy and doesn't stick out of the tube profile.Dancing, fitness, circus performance or just lots of fun...there's a PERFECT HOOP for everything!


• Stainless steel button spring

• Curved alluminium joint


- The HDPE tube , with an excellent elastic memory, has a great response to the pulses and even if folded on itself for long periods it’s easily re-moldable. "hooping" for a few minutes It is often enough to make your hoop perfectly round after being mistreated during your adventurous travels!

- The decoration with cloth UV tape, in addition to the aesthetic value, it is of fundamental importance for the grip on the body and is therefore highly recommended for beginners.

- The stainless steel button spring is specifically designed so that it doesn’t stick out of the tubing profile. The "mustache" shape of the spring button allows for an easy opening.

- The aluminum curved joint is light and strong and ensure an always perfect hoop roundness.



PERFECT HOOPS with 16mm tube

Excellent for flow without direction changes. Recommended for circus style hooping, multi-hooping, drills, isolation tricks and off-body tricks in general. Not recommended for beginners because they are light.


The new hoopers are intimidated by large hoops, but bigger is easier because the hula hoop, taking longer to spin, allows you to learn how to move your body and control it. After some time, when you feel confident with a hula hoop, it’s a good thing to try a smaller one. A TRICK is most of the time easier to learn with a larger hoop. Professional hoopers use hoops of different sizes depending on the tricks they want to do. Every hooper is unique and each one may prefer a size or another depending on their style.

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