Play Perfect Travel Hoop Naked - 16mm - 85cm (33.85")


Play Perfect Travel Hoop Naked - 16mm - 85cm (33.85")

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Play Perfect Travel Hoop Naked - 16mm - 85cm (33.85")

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The 'Perfect' hoop from Play lives up to it's name - this is the undecorated hoop, aimed at people who take their hooping seriously and want the ultimate performance hoop that is at the same time practical. It is the only hoop in the world with tubing which was designed specifically for hooping. The tubing is more elasticated than any other hoops which results in a tiny bit of body movement catapulting the hoop around. This Hoop folds down to around 50% its original size making it ideal for transport and travel. The material is slick and light-weight making for a fast, responsive hoop. These hoops are very strong and feature a smart 'mustache' shaped clip mechanism. Ideal for multi-hooping and highly recommended. This hoop has been loved by Hula-hoopers around the world. Please choose between "16mm tube/85cm diameter" and "20mm tube/100cm diameter" variations.

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Perfectly balanced h...

Perfectly balanced hoop (size, weight, width)

As many beginers I made the 2 main mistakes:

1) Wanting a super massive/heavy hoop

You soon realize that there's plenty of things you cannot do (like isolations) or some tricks can leave you bruised when they could be absolutely painless with a lighter hoop.

2) Wanting a fancy taped hoop

You soon realize that even on soft ground, the hoop falls a lot and your tape is wrecked in no time

Hence the advices of advanced hooper around me : "GO FOR NAKED POLYPRO"

I am so glad of this hoop, it's just the most perfect one I have been looking for! And it didn't kill my wallet!!!

Also, I can now cycle all over with it around my neck which is great!!!

And I don't know how they managed it but I ordered it yesterday pm and received it today am!

Very happy customer who'll be glad to order from oddballs again and receommend it to friends.

Now,going hooping ;)


This one is a wow. I...

This one is a wow. I'm in love with it already. It's so hard to find a nice hoop that does its job well and that I like in the UK, but Oddballs hit the nail. I'm small, so any hoop heavier than 14oz makes my arms tired real fast. With my new Perfect hoop, i could do isolation much longer. The deliver was quick too. I should've order a couple.

One more thing, I just wish they have more sizes, the smallest is 34", but I'm like about 4'11, so if there was a 30" or 32", that would be even more perfect.

Overall, highly recommend you should get one for yourself.

I have been hooping ...

I have been hooping for 8 years, I perform as a professional circus hulahooper, with a strong cross-over into dance hooping of various styles. I travel a lot with my work and like to train and play with my hoops every day if possible. I discovered Play Juggling Perfect Hoops at the British Juggling Convention (April 2013) and have since completely converted to them. I have sold most of my other hoops (a mix of rhythmic gymnastic hoops and poly-pro) in favour of the Play Perfects – so I feel obliged now to the hooping community to write a review and let you all know about them!
My hoop size of choice: The 16mm tube, 860mm/34inch diameter (outer edge)

Play Perfect Hoops - Review:


Rigidity – lovely lovely rigidity.
This hoop holds a damn near perfect circle. Because the plastic resists flex so well, it is also mega responsive. If you think of how it would feel hulahooping with a floppy inner-tube – where it absorbs all movement into a wobbly mess that falls around your ankles like yesterday’s pants. Well it is the opposite of that. Tight-freshly-elasticated-cotton-fresh hulahoop. It responds to the smallest of movements, so if you’ve ever struggled raising a hoop from your knees to your neck you will love this. Also for multihooping, the first time I tried splitting 4 hoops with the Play Perfects was a joy!

Rigidity does not however mean total lack of flex. I love a good wedgie trick (where the hoop needs to bend quite significantly in order to spring back to complete the trick), and this plastic definitely allows for a great range of movement. You can flex it and even pack it down to half its size and when returned to its original size its an almost perfect circle! BOOM! Wedgie trick into an isolation? Not a problem.

Externally the plastic has a very smooth opaque finish (in a range of colours) and is aesthetically very pleasing. I’ve found I like to grip-tape just the inside of the hoop for good traction, but leave the outside naked for good-looking-ness. I simply scratch the outer edge with some rough sandpaper for traction on body rolls etc.

This is one of the best features of this hoop. They are detachable at one point with a button release. You can fold the hoop around itself to reattach at half its original diameter. This is incredibly useful for transport. I clip mine onto the back of a rucksack; I can carry up to 8 hoops this way without feeling encumbered. WIN. You can also carry them diagonally across the neck and shoulder quite comfortably and securely. You can go trekking through mountains with your hoop and hardly notice it’s there! What’s even better is you can fly more easily with them. Sadly they don’t actually give you the power of human flight, but if you employ the services of an established airline, you can transport them easily in a suitcase, or in hand-luggage.

The attach/detach mechanism is stiff to use. Play juggling would do well to provide a device to help press the button without breaking your thumbnails.
The mechanism obviously has to be sturdy to withstand the onslaught we hoopers inflict on our equipment, but it’s a pain in the thumb to open.

This arrived the day...

This arrived the day after i ordered it! thats just amazing from the start. Its big enough to take your time learning tricks but its light enough to attempt the off body tricks. I'm in love with it.
as a new hooper, i needed something that doesnt loose its beautiful colored tape when it keeps dropping and this one does it. The Pink is sooooo nice and Oddballs deserves a clap!! won't be my only purchase and I'll be back when I evolve to a faster hoop.
One love

I have just taken my...

I have just taken my new 16mm 34" play hoops away on there first gigs and I have to say what a dream, I work as a professional hooper doing shows and getting people up and hooping. These hoops are fantastic for travelling with, they fold up and fold out with a very easy button release and are a really nice weight to hoop both on and off body with, especially all the poi, body rolls and isolation hooping styles. Some really lovely vibrant colours as well. Very happy. Angie Mack

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