Play Perfect Travel Hoop Naked - 20mm - 100cm (39.37")


Play Perfect Travel Hoop Naked - 20mm - 100cm (39.37")

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Play Perfect Travel Hoop Naked - 20mm - 100cm (39.37")

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The 'Perfect' hoop from Play lives up to it's name - this is the undecorated hoop, aimed at people who take their hooping seriously and want the ultimate performance hoop that is at the same time practical. It is the only hoop in the world with tubing which was designed specifically for hooping. The tubing is more elasticated than any other hoops which results in a tiny bit of body movement catapulting the hoop around. This Hoop folds down to around 50% its original size making it ideal for transport and travel. The material is slick and light-weight making for a fast, responsive hoop. These hoops are very strong and feature a smart 'mustache' shaped clip mechanism. Ideal for multi-hooping and highly recommended. This hoop has been loved by Hula-hoopers around the world. Please choose between "16mm tube/86cm diameter" and "20mm tube/100cm diameter" variations.

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