Play PX3 Pirouette Wrapped Handle Juggling Club


Play PX3 Pirouette Wrapped Handle Juggling Club

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Play PX3 Pirouette Wrapped Handle Juggling Club

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The PX3 Wrapped Handle Pirouette (also known as the Sirius Club) is one of our most popular clubs amongst intermediate and advanced club jugglers. It features all the usual PX3 Technology, namely the strong plastic dowel ensuring uniformed weight and balance from club to club as well as loads of internal strength. This club is much like the Vegas but without the decoration to get all scratched. The long thin handle makes holding 3+ clubs in each hand a little easier and gives the juggler plenty of leverage for those double and triple spins. The knobs and ends are fully replaceable. The wrapped handle is also very comfortable and available in a brilliant white.
Available in 5 UV reactive colours, Red, Yellow, Blue, Green, Orange, plus classic all White.

Length: 52cm.
Diameter: 80mm.
Body length: 27cm.
Handle length: 25cm
Weight: 225g

Price is for ONE club.

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