Play Rola Bola Board with Roller Standing Rola Bola Wooden Board Close-up of Rola Bola Board Corner Close-up of Rola Bola Board Wooden Surface Close-up of Rola Bola Board Play Rola Bola Board in lying position
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Product Description

Fresh from the famous Italian Juggling innovator, this Rolla Bolla set has become our new favourite balance prop. A very strong Rolla coupled with a sturdy wooden board constructed from strong plywood. Many other Bolla Boards on the market are made from MDF which can chip or fracture easily. The multi-layer ply is tough and attractive - The natural wood looks very nice, but what really impresses is the craftmanship gone in to making the grippy slits in the board. You will also notice 4 circular grooves in each corner - these are for holding the stacking cylinders (available from oddballs very soon). Using this as your starter set, you will then be able to purchase additional boards and stacking cylinders to create a more vertical challenge.

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