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"Bursting with over 450 tricks tips and moves - and ideas for hundreds more - this book is destined to become essential reading for every poister on the planet. From your first tentative circles to feats of unparalled dexterity, via such tricks as The Weave, Lock-Outs and Behind Your Back Waist Wrap, Michal Kahn guides you step by step in the friendly, encouraging style that has made her courses so successful.

Fully cross-referenced with over 500 clear and detailed illustrations, and with sections on Fire Spinning, Choreography, Inventing moves, Developing Your Own Style and what to do about Hitting Yourself (and Getting Tangled).

Poi Spinning will teach you all the skills you will need to master the art and invent your own tricks."

Author Michal Kahn, 144 pages, softback, 2002

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I have had this book...

I have had this book for at least 15 years, it got me really stuck into the basics and the advancements of poi, the only issue really is that it doesn't help too much with transitions, I agree this is kind of a personal thing anyway but there's always a starting point for beginners. However that said, it helped me give the tricks names, which means when you meet up with other players you can identify a trick verbally. A great introduction into the world of poi. A hobby worth learning!

Bought this book bec...

Bought this book because I am a professional performer and wanted to add poi to my skills. The book was easy to use and I quickly progressed through it. Some moves take a little more work than others so there are some longer term projects. Michal\'s tips on performance help too. Two months after buying the book I was performing fire outside Gatecrash in Ibiza, so it totally worked for me!

This book is great i...

This book is great if you are getting into poi. When I got it for my birthday I only had one other friend with poi and we shared the book and learnt nearly all the tricks from it. It is a very thorough guide to all the basics of poi. Sometimes you meet advanced poi players, but they don\'t know all the basics in this book. The illustrations are lovely and very helpful and I would recommend it over any other poi books i\'ve seen.

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