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The Qu-Ax Mini Bike is one of the smallest bikes in the world! .

  • Solid steel frame with metallic finish.
  • BSA bottom bracket with chromed crank.
  • Chain ½ x 32, titanium coloured.
  • 1" chrome headset.
  • 1" stem with aluminium forehead.
  • Chromed handlebar.
  • Leather imitation saddle with noble rivets.
  • Chromed rims, 6" with black PU-tyres.

Not a child's bike - just for fun!
Comes with its own stand.

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5* brilliant buy , g...

5* brilliant buy , great fun bike brought for my partner and he loves it. Very pleased thank you oddballs one very happy customer

I purchased this lit...

I purchased this little electric red number from Oddballs 4 months ago and I love it. It’s smaller than you even think it is, which makes it extremely cute but it is built exactly like much larger bikes are. Big folks try mine all the time and the heavy gauge steel frame can definitely handle the weight. The saddle is actually pretty wide too which makes it comfortable even for large behinds!

The comedy effect is pretty much immediate; however, the rear rack is a real bonus. Bring an oversized (or dramatically small) suitcase coupled with a bungee cord in your routine and you take things to another level in no time.

It is not that complicated to ride if you apply yourself but definitely tiring over long distances (I often use it at work in a very large open space office to go from one end of the floor to the other which always make people smile).

I found that the best way to approach it is to pedal using the heel or instep instead of the ball of the foot and to keep the legs wide apart with the knees away from the bike (much easier with light material pants or loose fitting trousers than jeans). The hardest part is to start cycling - to go from static to moving. To do this, I balance the bike using the tip of my left shoe. It can act as a bike kickstand because the heel of my foot is on the pedal. I then push the other pedal hard with my right foot and I'm away.

It easily fits in a smallish car boot without taking it apart and the stand that comes with it is a cool addition to keep the bike on display whilst you use other props.

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