Snazaroo Professional Face Paint Kit
Total price £212.99

Product Description

For serious face painters, who work at a professional level. It contains everything you need to paint large numbers of faces. This kit is a perfect choice for face painters working in a professional environment, i.e. theme parks, holiday centres, etc... Contains: 3 x 75ml White, Orange & Bright Yellow Face Paints, 10 x 30 ml Face Paints (Black, Bright Red, Sky Blue, Grass Green, Light Brown, Bright Pink, Purple, Light Grey, Turquoise & Complexion Pink), 2 x 18ml Sparkle Paints (Sparkle Salmon Pink & Sparkle Turquoise), 10 High Density Sponges, 4 x Faces Painting Brushes (1 x Fine Round, 1 x Multi-purpose, 1x Fine Flat,1 x Medium Flat), 1 Glitter Gel Tube Set (Silver, Gold-dust, Fuchsia Pink & Multi), 1 Five Minute Faces Book. All-in-one Easy-clean Kit box.

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