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Innovative trapeze SOFT BAR with indestructible and easily washable grip.

The ideal trapeze bar to approach this discipline in a safe and decidedly less painful way, especially for beginners whether they are children or adults.

The bar tubing is identical to the one used to build traditional trapezes (outer diameter 25 mm, thickness 3 mm) but our SOFT BAR can be hung on any rope, sling or strop (to be purchased separately according to your needs) through the two stainless steel shackles, allowing for extreme installation versatility and substantial savings. The handle consists of a 2,5 mm layer of foam covered with X-GRIP for a total bar diameter of 32 mm.

The use of our thermo-shrinking X-GRIP provides a comfort otherwise impossible to obtain on normal trapezes and definitively solves the problem of having to cover the bar with tapes which must then be regularly replaced. Furthermore, the X-GRIP is easily washable and sanitizable. A real game-changer for the teaching of static trapeze.

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