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South America's first juggling video
we love this!

Straight from the sun-drenched streets of Argentina comes this gem from top-notch South American jugglers, Marco Paoletti, Johans Jerez and ‘Toto’ Niño, to name but a few.

Since their emergence in 2000, the good folks at K8 have brought cool new props to the juggling world, and the latest entry, Space Juggling, is no exception. This 45-minute long video is beautifully filmed, incorporating the richness and colour of Argentina, a clever attention to detail which takes advantage of the natural beauty of the city and meshes it with a unique perspective on a variety of juggling tricks.

The juggling itself is wide-ranging: along with the Marco Paoletti’s characteristic style of ball-juggling, we also get a sizeable chunk of some solid-quality 4 and 5 club juggling from Toto; a tight bouncing section supplies an unanticipated highlight. A sweet extras section gives us an insight into the personalities behind the project and neatly rounds the whole thing off.

And if all that isn’t enough for you, if you visit the K8 Space Juggling site,, you can play the retro Space Juggling game and remind yourself of what video games were like before Nintendo. Now that is a bonus.

45 minutes plus extras
hotter than the S. American sunshine

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